QCU Promotes Intellectual Property Awareness Through a Series of Seminars

By: Joe Andrew Esposo


Quezon City University (QCU) recently concluded a series of Foundation Courses on Intellectual Property (IP) Training. These courses aimed to enhance awareness and knowledge among engineering students. The seminars were organized by the QCU Intellectual Property and Technology Support Office (QCU-ITSO) and took place on April 17, 19, and 22, 2024, in Room 307, Audio-Visual Room, New Academic Building, QCU San Bartolome Campus.

The first session on April 17, led by Ms. Maria Aura C. Impang, Head of the Intellectual Property Unit, focused on core IP principles and processes. During this session, attendees engaged in discussions on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. The afternoon portion of the session specifically emphasized copyright and trademark issues. Dr. Ryan F. Arago, Dean of the College of Engineering, opened the event and highlighted its goal of providing comprehensive IP education.

On April 19, Ms. Lalaine Josefa Carrao, OIC-Dean of the College of Computer Studies, welcomed participants to the second session and reinforced the importance of understanding IP rights. Engr. Rhea Arlante from the College of Engineering provided insights into patents, utility models, and industrial designs during the morning session. In the afternoon, Ms. Paula Joy Dela Cruz from the College of Computer Studies led discussions on copyright, fair use, and trademarks, with an emphasis on brand protection and registration. The day concluded with remarks from Mr. Angelito P. Bautista Jr., Director of the Research Management Office, who stressed the alignment of the seminars with QCU’s mission of fostering innovation.

The final session on April 22 featured Ms. Maria Aura C. Impang discussing the broader implications of IP in today’s technological landscape. Engr. Rhea Arlante and Prof. Paula again engaged with participants, addressing queries and clarifying IP concepts related to fair use and brand protection. Overall, the Foundation Courses were hailed as a success in enhancing IP awareness and equipping students with the essential knowledge to navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights.




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