Research Management Course for Executives


The Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Center for Continuing Education was developed by Dr. Theresita V. Atienza, the first President of the Quezon City University, to empower and enhance the competencies and skills of the faculty and staff of Quezon City by offering short courses of five (5) modules completed in forty (40) hours.

Course Description

The forty-hour course is designed to explore how research is managed in the local government units (LGUs) through the various departments. The objective of the course is to provide participating local executives with insights on the concept of research management. It shall focus on the aspects of research management which include the following topics: Research Management Process, Policy, and Strategy; Research Governance, Partnership, and Collaborations; Research Management of Resources, Grants, and Funding; Research Management Tools, Information System, and Software; and Management of Research Results: Utilization, Policy-Formulation, and Decision-Making.


Through lectures and discussions, case incidents, research, interactive exercises delivered virtually, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and discuss the aspects of research management;
  2. Critically assess process, policy, and strategy on research management;
  3. Understand how to govern, partner, and collaborate in research;
  4. Build a positive research culture within the organization;
  5. Efficiently source out and utilize research resources, grants, and funding;
  6. Equip and update one’s knowledge on research management tools, information system, and software;
  7. Utilize research results through policy-formulation and decision-making;
  8. Synthesize, evaluate, and assess relevant information in order to formulate courses of actions appropriate for managing research within the organization; and
  9. Actively engage during the sessions and collaborate with fellow participants through virtual learning environment.