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About Our Office

The Guidance and Counseling Unit (GCU) operates under the vision and mission of the university. It helps students facing major challenges and assist them to know their capabilities to resolve own problems. It aims to guide students on their holistic development to establish academic goals, career path and personal adjustments.

Our Vision

The GCU envisions to develop the fullest potentials of the students to participate effectively in complex societies and globalized workforce.

Our Mission

GCU is committed to:

  • provide a structured program of services to meet the unique needs of all students regardless of their individual differences,
  • collaborate with different stakeholders to provide students necessary academic, career and socio-emotional competencies to make responsible choices and decisions regarding their life goals, as well as, to realize maximum potentials to become significant contributors of the society and the workforce

Our Objectives

Our objective is to provide the students with successful educational experiences. It aims to fully implement the programs thereby enhancing:

  • student academic performance, positive mental health and career development,
  • program accountability through a comprehensive evaluation process that focuses on full program implementation, appropriate personnel evaluation and the evaluation of student outcomes using relevant data

Our Services

  1. Information

Assist the students with their personal, socio-emotional, academic and career development through different information-giving approach

2. Assessment & Appraisal

Gather information about the students which is used in the implementation of different guidance services 

3. Counseling

The heart of the guidance program that assist students toward better understanding of self and environment for the satisfactory adjustment and resolution of problems encountered 

4. Referral & Follow-up

Referral service effectively support students with concern to other professional & community services, Follow-up ensures that students learned appropriate behaviors and decision regarding the problem

5. Career Guidance

Assist students in career decision-making , career information dissemination and development of job-related skills

6. Research & Evaluation

Gather information to identify and understand the needs  of the students

7. Peer Counselors Organization

Develop the sense of camaraderie and the importance of helping people with mental health problems

Procedures in Availing Counseling Service

1. Students, parents and faculty who wish to avail the service will fill-up a Referral Form.

For Online: Students may set an appointment via the online counseling link. Online referral form will be sent to the faculty or other stakeholders upon reaching out to Guidance and Counseling Unit (GCU) via the official email address or the GCU FB Page.

2. The guidance counselor (GC) will contact the student for a scheduled session.

For Online: GC will contact the student and Consent Form will be sent through official email address

3. After securing a consent form, the counselor and student will meet for initial interview or counseling.

For Online: via agreed online platform

a. The guidance counselor may close the session after the intake interview, may refer the student to other professional or may proceed to counseling and may terminate the case as deemed necessary.

b. Student, parent / guardian who refused for referral, will be reported to the administrator and will sign a waiver / acknowledgment.

4. Guidance counselor will create a counseling plan and all sessions must be documented through counseling notes.

5. After the session/s, the student will evaluate the counseling session that was conducted.

Procedures for Good Moral Certificates

  1. Present one (1) copy of School Clearance and Identification Card to the Guidance and Counseling Unit staff.
  2. Fill out all the information on the Good Moral Character Request Form.
  3. The Guidance and Counseling Unit staff will immediately process the good moral request.
  4. The Good Moral Character Certificate will be released on the day it is requested.
  5. If the representative is the one claiming, the representative will be asked to present his/her identification card and the students Identification with an authorization letter.

For Online:

  1. Proceed to the Official Guidance Facebook Page.
  2. Click on the link for Requesting of Good Moral Character Certificate:

For Degree Courses:

For Senior High School Graduates:

  1. Fill out all the information on the Good Moral Character Online Request Form.
  2. The Guidance Staff will process the request and will contact the student about their claiming date through the official Guidance Facebook Page.
  3. The student can request to claim the Good Moral Character Certificate via email or thru scheduled appointment.