Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals


The QCU Board of Regents, on October 2020 appointed the first University President, Dr. Theresita V. Atienza. Her appointment as first elected president and her vision for the University was confirmed and approved by the Board. In cohesion with the above, the University has the vision to be recognized as the # 1 local university of employable graduates.

Quezon City University in 2026 will be known by having:

❖A committed and highly qualified academic community in accordance with its educational objectives.

❖ A high-quality and relevant undergraduate, graduate and professional academic program offering immersed in a globalized and localized context, inclusive to all regardless of economic and social condition.

❖ A culture of excellence, quality and innovation in its academic and administrative processes.

❖ The generation and transference of knowledge with scientific and technological pertinent contributions.

❖ An impact on the improvement in the quality of people’s lives, ratifying its commitment to the society and constructing a country that lives around peace and sustainable development.


The reason and the sense of Mission of Quezon City University are to provide a comprehensive education that enhances the lives of QCU students for nation-building and as world citizens. As a University, it will assume the responsibility of strengthening to its maximum potentials and capabilities of the human being to respond to changing needs of the society at the highest level. It will live attentive to the cultural, local, national, and universal changes in pursuit of those values that make it more educated, more dignified, and fairer.

Strategic Directions

To carry out the Mission and Vision of the University, the implementation of the Institutional Strategic Directions (ISD), which refers to the University profile that is and that it wants to be.

The strategic directions define: what is offered to the environment? to whom? Where? how? With whom? and with what? In this sense, the Institutional Strategic Directions of Quezon City University has been defined as follows:

Quezon City University as an institution of higher learning will focus and articulate its core functions—instructions, research, extension, and production to provide a comprehensive education that enhances the lives of QCU students for nation-building and as world citizens—inserted in the global environment, committed to local, regional and national needs and opportunities.

It directs the attainment of the following:

Excellence in Curricular Innovation:

We will offer relevant academic programs that engage students and professionals in interdisciplinary education that inspires analytic thinking, creativity, and ethical practices through experiential learning. Thus, preparing them to the industry 4.0 ready

Faculty Excellence:

We are committed to supporting and strengthening faculty through the recruitment, development, and retention of outstanding scholars and educators. We will promote academic leaders’ growth through professional development opportunities and institutional policies designed to strengthen our faculty towards discovery, learning, and engagement. We believe a great university is built by great faculty.

Student Excellence:

Student success is the core function of QCU. It is our students’ success that fuels our passion for serving in the profession of higher education. Students succeed when we devote our energies to continuously improving their experiences in and out of the classroom. We will make data-informed decisions in our ongoing effort to fuel new opportunities for our student’s academic achievement and well-being. We will demonstrate our commitment to our student’s success through innovative engagement efforts that begin before arrival and continue after graduation.

Excellence in Research:

Research excellence encompasses a broad vision of accomplishment. QCU aims to become a research powerhouse, a leading university for research across many fields amongst local universities and colleges in the country. Our research should have a profound impact on several areas of society. Achieving it requires both disciplinary depth and collaboration within and across disciplines and communities. It also necessitates resources for research services that enable researchers to achieve excellence in a highly competitive landscape. Research might lead to spinoffs that take advantage of technological developments. Still, the impact is also to be found in projects that lead to social innovations that inform our understanding of history or enrich our world through creative works.

Excellence in Community Engagement:

Extension service or community engagement is one of the University’s triadic functions. QCU will create a culture of outreach and engagement through innovative teaching and scholarship and value engagement with our communities and local partners. By applying our academic and professional expertise to community stakeholders’ collaborations, we will improve the quality of life of the communities we serve.

Excellence in Institutional Governance:

Good governance will be applied and practiced in the University. Stakeholders have a voice in decision-making, either directly or through legitimate intermediate institutions that represent their interests. Participation and consensus orientation will be valued. The administration will ensure that the entire community/stakeholders’ needs are served while balancing competing interests in a timely, appropriate and responsive manner.

Excellent Campus Environment:

QCU, with the city government’s support, is committed to transforming and revitalizing the campus by securing investment in teaching and learning facilities. Campus revitalization involves a significant capital investment. At the core of this revitalization will be the construction of additional facilities and buildings for the community’s intellectual, social, physical and spiritual needs.”

Shared Values

Shared values are organizational values that are usually developed by the organization’s leadership and then adopted by the other members of the organization. The values are shared and followed by all members of the organization when acting on behalf of the organization. These are the core values of the University. The University’s shared values guide organizational decision-making and provide a kind of ethical compass for organizational action. The University shared the values of embracing new normal through:

Jointness of undertakings and

Organizational adaptability with

a Yoke of Efficiency and effectiveness.