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The Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Planning, and Linkages (OVPREPL) shall exercise general supervision of all the units and offices under it which services and concerns pertaining to research, extension, planning, and institutional development.

Functions and Responsibilities

a. manages and supervises all the offices, units, and programs in the implementation of the University research and extension policies and agenda;
b. participates in the policy review, formulation, and revision as may be necessary to ensure relevance, responsiveness, and quality of research and extension
programs and provision of research support services and incentives;
c. recommend programs, projects, and policies needed to improve university linkages and partnerships;
d. ensures coordination and harmonious functioning of all offices and units under the OVPREPL;
e. attends to internal and external invitations, and other local, national, and international concerns of the Office, as well as those which may be delegated
by the President;
f. recommends qualified personnel when needed, evaluates their performances, and recommends disciplinary action as may be warranted;
g. submits regular/periodic reports required by higher authorities and/or external bodies; and
h. performs other tasks that the President may assign from time to time.

Linkages and Community Partners

Local Partners

Council of Student Leaders
Pinagbuklod na Farmers ng Parkwoods
KNL Community Farm
Bokashi Pinoy
Miriam College
Miraculous Homeowners' Association
QC Persons with Disablility Affairs Office

International Partners

Akademi Kebidanan Isma Husada Cirebon, Indonesia
Politeknik Dharma Patria, Indonesia
Bina Insani University, Indonesia
Universitas Duta Bangsa Surakarta, Indonesia
Politeknik Piksi Ganesha, Indonesia
Research Synergy Foundation
STIES Purwakarta, Indonesia
STIMIK Pamitran, Indonesia
Universitas Duta Bangsa Surakarta
Universitas Widya Husada Semarang, Indonesia
Akademi Telekomunikasi Bogor, Indonesia
Akademi Teknologi Akatek-Bogor, Indonesia
Akademi Pariwisita Nasional, Indonesia


  • Extension Management Office
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Center for Gender and Development