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The Quezon City University’s Tanghalang Manuel L. Quezon (QCU’s Center for Performing Arts), aims to develop the interest of the students in the Performing arts. It further hopes to instill leadership among its members and enhance their skills in their chosen art form. During the academic year, students are exposed to different well-known personalities. These personalities are invited to become guests in DZQC’s program entitled ARTISKOOL in which they share their experiences to students who watch the shows online. The university focuses on the following types of performing arts and usually signs up students to join the following organizations: QCU Musicians and composers pool, QCU Dance Troupe, QCU Theatre’s Guild, QCU Film Industry club and QCU Choir.

Year round, the organization heads and advisers plan together for the activities they will produce for the whole year in which there should be collaboration among organizations. The culture and arts cluster one day hopes to develop artists who can have positive impact in their society.