Alumni Relations and Placement

Alumni Relations Services

a. serves as the University’s link for continuing cooperation between and among graduates and the alumni organizations;
b. collaborates with alumni organizations especially with the federation of alumni associations on programs and activities beneficial to the alumni and the QCU Community;
c. prepares and updates the directory of alumni;
d. develops and manages alumni development and assistance programs to address alumni needs and problems;
e. ensures cooperation, coordination and proper execution of plans, programs and projects requiring the active participation and mobilization of alumni, including those working and/or residing abroad

Placement Services

a. creates opportunities for career development enhancements and assists in the job seeking of students and graduates;
b. implements the University placement program for graduates and undergraduates to respond to the manpower needs of local private
enterprises and government agencies;
c. liaises and maintains good relationships with establishments for possible job and career development opportunities especially to students;
d. adopts a reliable and up-to-date directory and information system on work/placement and career advancement opportunities for graduates and students of the University