Quezon City University Conducts Manuscript to Publication Writeshop for Selected Graduating Students


Quezon City University (QCU) recently organized a seminar-workshop titled “Manuscript to Publication Writeshop for Students” through its Research, Extension, Planning, and Linkages Office – Research Management Office (REPL-RMO).

This workshop was part of the Quezon City University Research and Extension Capability Advancement Program (RECAP) and aimed to guide fourth-year students in Engineering and Information Technology in transforming their research papers into publishable articles. The event took place from May 30-31, 2024, at the Audio Visual Room, 3rd Floor, New Academic Building, QCU San Bartolome.

The workshop, led by Mr. Angelito P. Bautista Jr., Director of REPL-RMO, covered various topics essential for students preparing to publish their research. The participants primarily consisted of those who had presented their research papers at the recent University Research Colloquium – Student Research Conference 2024.

The workshop comprised three modules designed to address the challenges and opportunities faced by students in transitioning from academic research to scholarly publication. Module 1 focused on understanding high-impact journals and manuscript preparation. Participants engaged in discussions and learned techniques for preparing manuscripts that meet scholarly standards.

Module 2 delved into the submissions and peer review process, with Mr. Bautista guiding participants through the intricacies of navigating the peer review system. During interactive workshops, participants transformed their conference papers into comprehensive articles ready for publication.

On the second day, Module 3 centered on publication ethics and research integrity. Mr. Bautista underscored the importance of ethical conduct in scholarly pursuit, prompting participants to critically assess the ethical implications of their research and refine their papers accordingly.

“Ethical conduct is the bedrock of scholarly pursuit, and it is incumbent upon us as researchers to uphold the highest standards of integrity,” Mr. Bautista emphasized.

Throughout the workshop, participants received personalized guidance and feedback from Mr. Bautista. The event concluded with the presentation of final drafts of publishable articles, which will be submitted and reviewed for inclusion in the first issue of the QCU Innovation Student Research Journal.






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