Intellectual Property Management Office

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The unit tasked to manage the intellectual property rights of the University and of other inventors/authors/creators within the academic community shall have the
following duties and responsibilities:

a. provides assistance and advice to the stakeholders on intellectual property rights and ensures that these rights are protected and promoted in the manner
that will be beneficial for both the creator/author/inventor and the University;
b. formulates plans, programs and implementing strategies for providing intellectual property management expertise through the following units and/or
centers focused on:
• Innovation and Technology Support Services
• Intellectual Property and Enterprise Development
c. facilitates and promotes university-industry partnerships through technology transfer, and generates income for the university through the commercialization of products and services derived from its R & D processes;
d. recommends effective support for inventors through various incentive mechanisms to fast-track technology processes in the University;
e. coordinates/collaborates with the various institutes and colleges to facilitate the execution of agreements, affidavits, applications, and other documents
relating to works and inventions; and
f. performs such other functions as may be assigned by the President.