Procedure for Removal or Completion of Grades

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1. The student will coordinate with the Professor / Program Chair (in case the professor is no longer connected with QCU) where the subject to be completed is offered.

2. Professor/Program Chair will coordinate with the Office of the Registrar to check if the student is still eligible to complete the INC grade.

3. Assistant Registrar will issue the completion form with the following student details and information to the Professor / Program Chair.

  • Student Name
  • Student Number
  • Course
  • Subject Code
  • Subject Title
  • AY and Semester the subject was taken
  • Name of Subject Professor
  • Program Chair
  • Date Issued
  • Issued by
  • Control No.

4. Professor/Program Chair will sign the completion form and have it certified by the Dean and then submit it to the Registrar’s Office with the following details:

  • Reason for INC
  • Completion Grade
  • Date of Completion

5. Assistant Registrar to check the completeness of the form, indicating the date it was received and receiving person and include it in the Student’s Academic Record. The Dean’s copy, along with the student’s copy, must be returned to the Professor/Program Chair.

 6. Professor/Program Chair will be the one to issue the student’s copy to the student.

*Incomplete grades that were supposed to expire last 2019-2020, 2nd Semester are still acceptable until 2020-2021, 2nd Semester.
*Incomplete grades what were supposed to expire last 2020-2021, 1st Semester are still acceptable until 2021-2022, 1st Semester.

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