Shifting of course is subject to approval and availability of slots. Generally, it is only allowed during the 1st semester unless endorsed by the program chair and the college dean. It is allowed until the 2nd year level only, to avoid the delay of the student to graduate. Admission requirements of a particular program must be met. Once Shifting is approved, students cannot go back to the original course. Shiftee must have a career guidance consultation with the Guidance Counselor.


  1. Guidance Form
  2. Fully Accomplished Shiftee Form


  1. Shifters are advised to see the Guidance Office first and secure the guidance advising form.
  2. Secure and fill out Shiftee Form from the Admission Office.
  3. Accomplished shifting form will be forwarded to the respective department by the admissions office.  Release approval from the College Dean of the original course and acceptance of the College Dean of the new course is needed.                                                          
  4. A student will receive a notification email about the status of his/her application.