Covid-19 Vax Drive to Students and Staff for Booster Jabs at QCU Main

July 8 – Another vaccination rollout was extended to all QCU students, personnel, and residents in QC, which was done at the Administrative Building. Many of whom used the chance to acquire their COVID-19 booster shots to adhere to the IATF’s minimal health guidelines.

There are about 300 registered individuals for the vaccination of booster shots — 130 persons for the 1st booster and 170 for the 2nd booster. The university opened online registration for students, employees, and relatives before the vaccination. There’s also a registration desk on an actual day for those who didn’t make it online.

Additionally, Ms. Rochelle Pascual, the QCU Chief of Medical and Dental Services, stated that seniors and those with comorbidities should wait three months before receiving a second booster injection. For some people, it will be in four months.

The next vaccine has not yet been planned. It still depends on how many people are immunized and how many are not. To be prepared and to have additional protection for the upcoming face-to-face sessions this school year, they urged all students to receive booster jabs.

The vaccine injected for the 1st booster was AstraZeneca, while the vaccine for the 2nd booster shot was Moderna.

Report by Jericho Paqueo

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