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Program Description

The College of Education is a premier teacher-education center in the region providing quality instruction and training for future educators to serve the public schools in Quezon City in particular and the National Capital Region in general.

The Gen-Ed Curriculum

The Gen Ed Curriculum, which includes twelve (12) courses, is supported by three departments across the university, including the Social Sciences, Math-Science, and Language. Eight (8) of the twelve (12) courses are Core Courses, one (1) is a mandated course, and three (3) are electives. The GE Core and mandated courses are referred to collectively as the nine (9) GE Core Courses, which are interdisciplinary and stated broadly to accommodate a range of disciplinary perspectives and approaches. The goal is to achieve competency-based outcomes that result in a person’s holistic development, which are classified as: (1) Intellectual Competencies; (2) Personal and Civic Responsibilities.

The Gen-Ed Core Courses 

The Gen-Ed Electives 

Physical Education

Physical Education is a subject mandated by the government (Article XIV, Section 19 of the 1987 Constitution). It focuses on the physical fitness development of children and adolescents. Its goal is to create physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to engage in healthy physical activity for the rest of their lives. Physical Education develops students’ ability and confidence to participate in a variety of physical activities that are an important part of their lives both in and out of school (PE).

Physical education’s four goals are improved physical fitness, appreciation for physical activity, sportsmanship development, and improved social skills.