QCU and Scholas Occurrentes engage in collaboration talks for the youth

SDG 4 17

To advance educational initiatives and foster global collaboration toward sustainable development through youth empowerment, Dr. Theresita V. Atienza, President of Quezon City University (QCU), held an inaugural meeting with philanthropists Mr. and Mrs. Lito and Kim Camacho, who represent the globally recognized organization Scholas Occurrentes.

The initial meeting, which took place on January 5, 2023, focused on opportunities for joint initiatives that could impact educational landscapes through engagement in socially relevant issues such as human rights and integral ecology.

The Camacho couple, who are known to be art-loving and philanthropic, shared insights into the organization’s mission and its interest in fostering educational partnerships that transcend borders. 

“Quezon City University as a higher education institution funded by the QC Government is eager to explore meaningful partnerships with Scholas Occurrentes,” said Dr. Atienza.

Mr. Camacho, who formerly served as Secretary of Finance during Arroyo’s Administration, expressed his optimism about the potential of the partnership between Scholas, QCU, and the QC Government.

Scholas Occurrentes, a human rights, international, and non-governmental organization founded by Pope Francis in 2013, has garnered global recognition for its dedication to promoting social integration through educational initiatives. It was recognized as one of the most impactful and scalable innovations in education for the 2021 Global Collection by HundrEd Organization. In 2022, Scholas was awarded in Spain with one of the go!ODS (ODS: Sustainable Development Goals) to recognize the innovative value of the “Scholas Citizenship” program in the framework of Objective 4 (Quality Education) and 4.7 target – Education for Sustainable Development.




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